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My Harvest America MLM ~ Testimonies to Discount Groceries Online


I would just like to share my experience with My Harvest America.
I am retired military and my wife and I have shopped at a Military Commissary since 1972 all over the world.
To say the least you can save a tremendous amount of money shopping at the Commissary for your groceries as compared with ANY neighborhood grocery store.
My wife went to the Commissary last week and spent $284.13.
We go usually twice a month. I had told her about My Harvest America, but she told me that she wanted to go to the Commissary first and then we could compare prices.
We took the sales receipt and started to compare prices.
To say the least she was pleasantly surprised. Although on some things there was little difference, overall there was a savings between 15% and 20%.
My wife then asked me, isn't there a monthly subscription charge with My Harvest America?
I told her $29.95 per month.
She frowned a little bit, but then I asked her how much is her time worth?
I asked how much gas she would use to go to the Commissary (1.5 to 2 gallons).
Conservatively speaking, that is $5.00.
I also told her that the shipping is free and there are no taxes!
Oh, by the way I forgot to mention there is an 8% surcharge on the entire purchase when shopping at the Commissary.
Then I told her let's review:

1. Save hours of personal time

2. Save 15% to 20% over commissary prices, which would equate from 20% to 50% over your local grocery store prices

3. No taxes

4. Free shipping to your door

5. No wear and tear on your car

6. Save money on gas

7. No 8% surcharge from the commissary.

Everyone, this is what they call a no brainer and if you want to run this as a business, what a great opportunity!
My wife is now on board and has told our children about this great program as well as her friends and family.
I would personally like to thank the team from My Harvest America for not only giving me a chance to save thousands of dollars on my grocery bill, but also giving me the opportunity to make a tremendous amount of income in my own
Home based business!

Alan and Ella Porter
Retired CW4 Aviation
United States Army
Fayetteville NC

My wife and I were in need of a new clothes dryer.
We shopped the usual places, Best Buy, Lowe's, Home Depot and Sears.
My wife found the dryer she wanted at Sears. It was a Kenmore.
The retail price Sears had on it was $499. Their sale price was $424.
We went back home and logged into our Super Shopper Benefits back office.
We looked up Sears and sent in the model number of the dryer we wanted. They sent back an email with the price.
We purchased it at $315 plus tax = $340.20 delivered to our house and hooked up ready to run.
We were amazed at the savings. Super Shopper sure saved us a bunch of money.

Needless to say, we are very happy.

James & Tammy Perciful

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