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Go Shopping, My Harvest America, National Grocery Store, Free Shipping

Food Storage Goes MLM / Food Storage System

Do you Have a Survival Plan in Place? 
Do you Have Food Storage in Place? 
What is your Emergency Preparedness Level? 
Will You be a Hero or will You Need Help?

Today and up to OFFICIAL launch on 10/20/2010, Sundance is offering . . .

FREE Sign Up, FREE Website, and yes, FREE FOOD!

Please go to the pre-launch website and secure YOUR FREE position NOW!
Then, order 8 FREE meals to enjoy!

Watch this Video and Order YOUR Free Food

By acting TODAY, you are among the first to order your FREE FOOD — a $20 value!

Food Storage Goes MLM, Food Storage System

Look for an email from My Harvest America during Wednesday to announce the “Go Shopping” tab is live in your back office. Once you receive the announcement, you will be able to log into your back office and click on the "Go Shopping" tab and create a NEW grocery account and then Go SHOPPING! All grocery orders will be shipped in a timely manner!

Will the Product Selection and Pricing be Different?

The original grocery store software has been licensed for our Subscribers. The product selection and great low prices will be very familiar to our shoppers. The major improvement you will see is in fulfillment and shipping times. Our new shipping partner is UPS, a global powerhouse that will ensure your orders arrive on time.

It's GO Time!

Take America by Storm, reach out and introduce consumers to the My Harvest America way to save and make money. Just think of the difference you can make in people's lives, help enough people and your life will change beyond expectations. The timing is now, the opportunity is real and our value is massive!

The Grocery Store of the Future is No Store At All... The Future is NOW.

Welcome to My Harvest America!

Fred Weih & Ron Ellis ~ Co-founders

Discovery Team Working with Layers of Gold

Leslie Turner

Join me in this exciting opportunity sharing Sundance Global Food Storage MLM. We use and teach proven principles in our Golden Layers™ team.

Give me a call and learn about the Layers of Gold™ effective team-building strategies.


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