Leslie Turner, IBO
Independent Business Owner
eFoods Global, llc.


Sundance Global Goes MLM

What is the Sundance Global Business Opportunity?

Earn Food And Money

Sundance Global offers an incredible Business Opportunity that is noble, dignified, needed and real. Food Storage Goes MLM

We provide nationally acclaimed food products Dehydrated Foods Lines to help struggling families earn food and proactive families become independent and secure.

 Check out what makes Sundance Global a unique business opportunity and is also grabbing the attention of thousands and thousands of people in all 50 States.

· Doing well while doing good

· Food products and a business model that provide independence and security

· Savory tasting products that are easy to use, easy to talk about and easy to share with everyone

· No competition in the marketplace: we mean NO competition!

· A compensation plan that feeds you, pays you and quickly helps you offset your initial product purchase

· Our target market has universal appeal…it’s for everyone. We mean everyone likes good food

· A totally fresh opportunity.

Come grow with us Sundance Global

As an Independent Business Owner (IBO) with Sundance Global, you build your own business by leveraging the products and organization that are already in place.

Use Sundance Global products to improve your independence and security while teaching others how to serve, share and save these gourmet food products as well.

 Sundance Global does all of the heavy lifting and provides you with an entire team to assist, guide, and support you as you build your home-based business.

No matter who you are or what your experience, there has never been a better time to join Sundance Global.

This is the direct selling company you've been waiting for. It's easy to get started and couldn’t be simpler. Serve it. Save it. Share it.

Your mission with Sundance Global should you choose to accept it is to enrich the lives of others by creating personal solutions for yourself and then helping others do the same.

Limited Time Offer: 6-10 Free Meals when you Join by 10/20/10

Join Now This is moving fast!

Discovery Team Working with Layers of Gold

Leslie Turner

Join me in this exciting opportunity sharing Sundance Global Food Storage MLM. We use and teach proven principles in our Golden Layers™ team.

Give me a call and learn about the Layers of Gold™ effective team-building strategies.


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