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Sundance Global Business Opportunity; Review

Independent Business Owners Offer . . .

Get Paid (in the world’s most valuable currency*) to secure a FREE Founder’s Position!

For 28 years, Sundance Global has been improving the foods families can depend on in good times or bad.

Our mission is to help YOU earn FOOD and MONEY!

Share our incredible message with those you care about the most.

We are helping millions become FOOD and FINANCIALLY independent.

People are accumulating food supplies and reserves for different reasons.

Our lives are dependent upon having quality food to eat.

Having nutritious, long-lasting food reserves provides YOU a SAFETY NET.

So many people are challenged with . . .

• Unemployment
• Unforeseen Hardships
• Poor Economic Times
• Shift in Politics
• Natural Disasters
• Lack of Independence
• Debt

Better than gold or silver . . . great for bartering!
Today and up to OFFICIAL launch on 10/20/2010, Sundance is offering . . .
FREE Sign Up, FREE Website, and yes, FREE FOOD!

Please go to the pre-launch website and secure YOUR FREE position NOW!

Then, order 6 FREE meals to enjoy!

Click on this link:


By acting TODAY, you are among the first to order your FREE FOOD — a $15 value!
1) Ready-to-eat meals with proprietary recipes
2) Ultra, high-quality ingredients (no MSG, no trans fats)
3) Incredible taste
4) Easy preparation
5) Convenient portions and packaging . . .
AND a 15+ year shelf life!

We know with the current economic situation your cost of food will continue to rise and shortages are a real possibility!

The compensation plan is generous and easy to understand.
Benefit from the lifetime Founders Pool . . . ONLY for the people who build
an organization during our pre-launch period of NOW to 10/20/2010.

This is exciting and there is urgency in getting started.

Sundance Global has 60,000 product users who will be integrated
into our NEW Sundance Global organizations.

I urge you to secure your FREE position TODAY
and order the FREE 6 meals of food.

Then YOU can decide YOUR best course of action . . .
• Build a winning team!
• Become a satisfied customer.
• Help others you care about start a solid FOOD SAFETY NET just like you.

You’re joining an experienced, dynamic organization . . .
• Proven team-building system!
• FREE training!
• Ongoing support!
• Career professionals teaching you the business.

I encourage you to join with me in Sundance Global . . .
. . . . . and change YOUR life forever!

Click on this link:


Discovery Team Working with Layers of Gold

Leslie Turner

Join me in this exciting opportunity sharing Sundance Global Food Storage MLM. We use and teach proven principles in our Golden Layers™ team.

Give me a call and learn about the Layers of Gold™ effective team-building strategies.


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