Leslie Turner, IBO
Independent Business Owner
eFoods Global, llc.


Food Shortage ~ Hunger In American Today

Could Famine And Hunger Come To America?

Right now, the entire North American continent is facing challenges never before seen in modern history.

Droughts and other natural disasters have decimated crops in America’s heartland.

Many of the crops that have survived are being shipped off to foreign shores.

Worst of all, we’re now more dependent than we’ve ever been on IMPORTED food from third world countries!

All it would take is another “False Flag” operation... hyperinflation... or an oil crisis to yank the rug out from under America’s food supply.

And when that happens...  Food Storage Survival and Self Sufficiency will be the Survival Solution.

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Leslie Turner, eIBO
Independent Business Owner
eFoods Global,llc



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Leslie Turner

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