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Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness Planning

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Right now unprecedented numbers of Americans are returning to a practice of our self reliant and independent fore- fathers, that of storing supplies of food. Yes Remember Food Storage?

The events and circumstances we are facing here in America are so unfamiliar to most of us but yet so serious that we each must wisely choose how we will face our future. History has proven over and over again that food is the beginning solution to almost every major problem particularly those involving independence, freedom, security and yes even survival.

The only sure thing about the future is that there is no sure thing. Storing food for your family is one of the most prudent actions you can take.  

No one knows what can or will affect the functioning of society or food distribution.
With stored food, you eliminate the worry.

The attention of the nation is focusing more intensely, each week, on families storing quantities of emergency food and water in their homes.   

    Potential disruptions in the food supply can be caused by a number of factors:

Job Loss/Unemployment
Economic Downturn
Erratic Weather - Droughts

Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Floods
Contamination of Food Supplies
To Avoid Dependency on Grocery Stores
Transportation Disruptions

Survival Food
Personal Food Reserves

"Your future depends on many things, but mostly on you."

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