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What comes in eFoodsGlobal Elite Pack?

At eFoods Global, we delight in knowing that each life we touch can breathe easier because we exist. As a voice of reason in troubled times, we make people our priority by simply sharing our message of preparedness.

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Without a doubt, we market the finest food reserves available anywhere.  You might as well buy in bulk at the best price.

Our Top pack, the eFood Elite Reserve Pack is a Great Value, less than 73¢ per serving! 
If you join as an eIBO you can get the price even lower after realizing your commission on the sale.  Yes, you will recieve comission on you personal purchases.

2400 Servings
 Long Term Food Storage
The eFoods Global Elite Pack gives you peace of mind with 2400 1-cup servings of the basic essentials you need to for a long-term food reserves program, all for less than 73¢ per serving!

eFoods Global Elite Reserve Pack Includes

198 Soups: 12 Cheddar Broccoli, 54 Creamy Potatoes, 12 Minestrone, 12 Potato Cheddar, 12 Chicken Noodle, 12 Pasta Fagioli, 60 Tortilla, 12 Italian Chicken, 12 Corn Chowder

186 Entrees:  60 Vegetable Beef Stew, 12 Seasoned Instant Potatoes, 12 Chili Mix/Corn Meal Dumplings, 12 White Cheddar Sauce/Shells, 54 Cheesy Chicken Rice Casserole, 12 Chicken Pasta Alfredo, 12 Au Gratin Potatoes, 12 Beef Stroganoff

18 Breakfasts: 6 Granola, 6 Oatmeal, 6 Whey Milk
24 Baked Goods: 6 Pancake Mix, 6 Whole Wheat Bread, 6 Corn Muffin Mix, 6 Buttermilk Biscuit Mix

You will not find a better Deal.  Build Your Personal Food Storage for little or no money.  Call me to learn How you can build Your Personal Food Reserves Today.

How long can you make it, on the food in your pantry right now?

Call me, Let's Visit.

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Join me in this exciting opportunity sharing Sundance Global Food Storage MLM. We use and teach proven principles in our Golden Layers™ team.

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